A Slice of Art is located in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.  Here's her story:

My passion for decorating cakes started when I worked in the Bakery Dept in a grocery store. I started as a Deli/Bakery clerk. I got to see the ladies making the cakes and wanted to do try it. I have done everything from wrap to manage in a Bakery..fast forward 20 years...I met my wonderfully supportive husband Wes. I wanted to start my own business and learn fondant decorating. I have taken many classes thru Marilyn with ACDC, a lot of internet research, and trial and error. I have been in business 7 1/2 years now, licensed and Health-Inspected for 6 1/2.  I love what I do! It is my passion! I find myself thinking about cake designs a lot. My facebook newsfeed is smothered with cake pages/blogs, and I am always wanting to learn new techniques. I love making sugar flowers. They are time-consuming still for me, however, I love the final product. It brings me such great joy to see that what I have created by hand, brings such smiles to my clients. Funny thing, I was not a creative child...who knew? My Cake Studio is in our basement. I love being able to just go downstairs to work. I can't imagine doing anything different for a living. I love my workspace, my business, and my life. Last year I updated my website and just recently designed a new logo for my business. I create many Wedding cakes per year, and of course custom Birthday cakes. I have done many 3D structured cakes, a life-size Gretsch guitar, and two life-size trout cakes to name a few. I love that I can set my own hours and take off whenever I plan. I couldn't do that in a grocery store. My website is www.asliceof-art.com and my FB page is https://www.facebook.com/aasliceofart/