6", 8", & 10" Round 0.25" Bare Necessities Essential Kit

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This Bare Necessities Essential Kit of Acrylic Disks contains:

  • 6" & 8" & 10" diameter Round Acrylic Disks with a 3/8" Center Hole and 0.25" size. (2 discs of each size)
  • An 8" Icing Scraper

The 0.25" sizing allows for a 1/4" coat of buttercream or ganache on each tier.

These Acrylic Disks allow you to create a perfectly smooth finish on your cakes with buttercream or ganache to be decorated as is or covered with fondant.

Obtain smooth edges on your cake tiers with ease.

All of our disks come with center holes*** The 3/8" center hole helps bakers to center their cake tiers on the disks by using a temporary dowel as they ice. If you do not chill your cakes before icing with the disks, you will need to put a temporary dowel through the disks and cake to make sure your layers do not shift. The center holes do not affect the performance of the disks, should you choose not to use them.

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