Flower Pro Ultimate Filler Flowers Mold

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This is the ultimate in small flower making for cake decorators creating sugar flowers, gumpaste flowers, bean paste flowers, and also cold porcelain flowers or clay flowers.

The Filler Flowers silicone mould will allow you to create at least 24 different realistic flowers and buds which can be wired or unwired. The mould comes with its own handy companion tool for working with and adapting the many variants and possibilities this innovative mould creates.


  1. Hyacinth/Bluebell
  2. Lily of the Valley
  3. Hydrangea
  4. Mini Dogwood
  5. Baby’s Breath (Gypsophilia)
  6. Mimosa
  7. Pussy Willow
  8. Forget-Me-Not
  9. Cherry Blossom
  10. Lilac
  11. Bouvardia
  12. Jasmine
  13. Mini Plumeria
  14. Stephanotis
  15. Nicotiana

Five segment buds:

  1. Cherry Blossom buds
  2. Forget-Me-Not buds
  3. Jasmine buds
  4. Plumeria buds

Four segment buds:

  1. Hydrangea buds
  2. Hydrangea flower centres
  3. Dogwood buds
  4. Bouvardia buds
  5. Lilac buds
  6. 6 PETAL FLOWER – Large (eg. Hyacinth): 18mm (¾ inches) / Small (eg. Lily of the Valley): 15mm; (½ inches)
  7. 5 SEGMENT BUD – Extra Large (eg. Geranium): 9mm / Large (eg. Jasmine): 7mm / Medium (eg. Plumeria): 6mm / Small (eg. Forget-Me-Not): 5mm; (approx ¼ inches)
  8. 4 ROUND PETAL FLOWER (eg. Hydrangea): 33mm; (1¼ inches)
  9. 4 SEGMENT BUD – Large (eg. Dogwood): 8mm / Medium (eg. Bouvardia): 6mm / Small (eg. Hydrangea): 5mm; (approx ¼;
  10. ROUNDED FLOWER – Large (eg. Baby's Breath): 9mm / Small (eg. Mimosa): 7mm; approx ¼;
  11. 5 PETAL FLOWER – Large (eg. Cherry Blossom): 20mm ¾/ Small (eg. Forget-Me-Not): 14mm; ½
  12. 4 PETAL FLOWER (eg. Lilac): 18mm; ¾
  13. 5 SLIM PETAL FLOWER (eg. Jasmine): 19mm; ¾
  14. 5 POINTED PETAL FLOWER (eg. Stephanotis): 42mm 1¾
  15. All our moulds are made in our factory here in UK and are made with FDA compliant food grade silicone. Our Moulds can be used with sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, polymer clay, paper clay, modelling clay, cold porcelain, salt dough and resin.

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