PME 18" Cake Leveller

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Torte cakes up to 18 inches wide
- Adjusts up to 4.5 inches deep
- Serrated blade making levelling easier
- Essential tool for keeping cake depths consistent

Do you ever find cutting cakes across the middle difficult to get straight?

Well, the cake leveller is the product for you!

The cake leveler will accurately level and divide cakes into even layers. It has a thin wire serrated blade like a cheese wire which will glide through your cake. (This will not work with fruit cakes)

The easy to adjust wire is attached to a metal frame which has little notches on each leg to set the depth. Just push the legs in slightly and the wire will come loose so you can move it. The legs have a rounded finish so not to scratch your work surface.

Once the wire is at the correct level, place both metal feet on your work surface. Firmly hold the handle and pull across the cake. If you are struggling to do it this way, I tend to hold each leg for more control and bring it across the cake with a slight wiggling action. Be gentle when you get to the end of the cake because sometimes a small chunk of cake may fall off. If your wire is not cutting into the cake at the beginning, just make a small cut with a knife and you will find that the wire will then slice straight through the cake.

Because this is so precise it is great for multi layer cakes as you can get the cuts placed evenly

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