SPECTRUM FLOW WIPEOUTS - Mistake Erasers BB 12/31/20

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Pack of 20 Wipeouts mistake erasers by Spectrum Flow.

  • Spectrum Flow Wipeouts are simple but effective food grade wipes that erase marks or smudges on your cake
  • a lot of time and effort goes into creating a cake and anyone can make a mistake but Spectrum Flow Wipeouts take the pressure off
  • it's just so easy to have a tiny spot of unwanted colouring appear on the cake - a spill, a nudge, too much dust on the brush or even just a shaky hand at the wrong moment . . . we've all been there
  • Spectrum Flow Wipeouts can be used to wipe mistakes off your cake, including most types of icing colorings, airbrush paint, (both alcohol and water based), edible ink pens, smudges from powder colors and lustre dusts, excess edible glue, splashes of flavourings, piping gel, and much more
  • Wipeouts are made from a special interwoven material to help ensure no fibres are left behind on the cake
  • can be used to erase errors on fondant, marzipan, gumpaste, and more
  • use directly on cakes as described above, or also use to wipe clean airbrushing equipment, tools and surfaces to prevent mess
  • watch the little YouTube video for ideas and tips - really easy to use . . .
  1. fold and twist a single wipe into a shape that's easy to hold
  2. gently wipe to erase the mistake - constantly moving to a new area of the wipe to avoid re-applying any of the removed colour
  3. remember not to apply too much pressure as this may damage the cake
  4. allow the area to dry before further decorating
  5. for cleaning airbrushing equipment, tools or surfaces, use a single sheet to clean as necessary
  • each wipe measures approx 10cm / 100mm / 4" x 19cm/ 190mm / 7½"
  • supplied folded in re-sealable plastic pack - ensure pack is always sealed to prevent wipes from drying out
  • pack average contents 20 Wipe outs
  • ingredients: isopropanol, demineralized water
  • although obviously not edible themselves, their use is suitable for vegetarians & vegans
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