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This giraffe PYO design can be used as a regular cookie or cake stencil or as a DIY option Paint your Own stencil. Decorate your own cookies for fun, as a craft for a safari themed Birthday party, or even a party favor!

For tips on how to make PYO cookies, click here.


Artwork Size - 1 3/4" high x 2 6/8" wide

Stencil Sheet - 5 7/8" high x 5 1/2" wide

Tips on How to Package Your PYO Cookies:

When ready to package your PYO cookies, first insert an edible paint palette and a PYO swab in a lip and tape bag and seal. This keeps the palette from transferring onto the cookie.

Take a flat clear bag & insert your PYO cookie

Add the sealed bag with the palette and swab into the bag with the cookie (behind the cookie so you can see the cookie - I mean, you took the time to make it so make sure they can see it!)

Tie off finished cookie bag with a ribbon and you're good to go!

Stencil Highlights

10 mil food-grade Mylar

Greater durability than standard acetate

Made in the USA

Helpful Stenciling Tools for Your PYO Cookies:

Make your project even easier with the proper Stencil Tools:

Edible PYO Paint Palettes for kids to use to paint their cookie - or make your own with the companion PYO Paint Palette Stencil.

Stencil Genie is a must-have tool for enabling the quick use of cookie stencils for decorating.

Giraffe PYO Stencil - Confection Couture

SKU: 3471
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