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Give Thanks Prettier Plaques Stencil Set - 5 PC - Julia Usher

The Give Thanks Prettier Plaques set contains four stencils and one masking piece, and has been thoughtfully designed in partnership with Julia Usher, to make message plaques prettier than ever. Thanks to the masking piece, backgrounds no longer have to overlap text areas. Plus, all sets fit the most popular 3- to 4-inch plaque cutters, allowing backgrounds to display beautifully!Each stencil can be used on its own or with others in the set. Messages and frames can be mixed and matched with backgrounds in other sets. And all stencils work well with both royal icing and airbrushing.

What's In the Package:

1 Background stencil- 5" h x 5" w

1 Shading stencil + Masking Piece - 1 6/8" x 2 3/8"

1 Message stencil 1" x 1 3/8"

1 Frame stencil1 5/8" x 2 2/8"

Stencil Sheet - 5 7/8" high x 5 1/2" wide

Stencil Highlights

• 10 mil food-grade Mylar

• Greater durability than standard acetate

• Works well with both royal icing and airbrushing

• Interchangeable word/frame and backgrounds across sets

• Made in the USA

Stenciling Tools

Make your project even easier with the proper Stencil Tools:

• Cookie Cutters to produce the finest cuts into cookie dough, fondant and gumpaste.

• Stencil Genie is a must-have tool for enabling the quick use of cookie stencils for decorating.

Give Thanks Prettier Plaques Stencil Set - 5 PC - Julia Usher

SKU: 1206
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