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Turntable - Tilting (140 x 230mm / 9 x 5.5”)

Tilting turntable providing the ideal positioning and angle for cake decoration.

Particularly useful for intricate details on the sides of cakes. Easy to rotate, fitted with non-slip top and feet.

Extremely strong solid plastic construction measuring 23 x 14cm (9 x 5.5 inches).

Maximum recommended weight is 45kg

PME Tilting Turntable. The turntable's easy tilt action can be adjusted to any angle required within the range of 0 - 20 degrees. With this variable range of adjustment you can always be assured of achieving your exact requirements. The turntable's easy tilt action also has the added advantage of automatically holding the Turntable at any selected angle until further angular adjustments are made. The anti-wobble top allows you to work with complete confidence, even when working with light or heavy loads. There are also 8 divisional markings! 9 inch diameter, 5-1/2 inches high.

PME Tilting Turntable

SKU: 5060047064606
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