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WHITE water soluble dust icing colouring 50g - from Roxy & Rich

Water-soluble food colour obtained by dissolving the powder in water, propylene glycol or glycerine.

This type of colouring is used for water-based food products. It is perfect for sugar work (during baking), macaroons, icing, cake and cream. It cannot, however, be used to colour fatty substances, such as chocolate.


Highly concentrated colour

Excellent quality-price ratio

-larger 50g pot of water-soluble dust colour

-100% edible

Roxy &Rich soluble dusting colours are perfect for all water-based icing and food

-create your own liquid colouring and edible paint quickly and cost-effectively

-more intense than many brands of colouring to give deep, vibrant tones

dries to a matt finish

-easy to use - simply dissolve in water or glycerine

-extremely concentrated- use sparingly - just the tip of a knife of is enough to colour 1 litre of liquid

-larger 50g pots are cost effective and long lasting

Roxy and Rich products come all the way from Blainville, Quebec, Canada

R&R colorants are known worldwide for their quality and consistency of shades

IMPORTANT - water-soluble dusts need to be dissolved in water before use - if you add directly to the icing in powder form, you'll get large particles that won't dissolve.

Mix (dissolved) into sugarpaste, flower & modelling paste, marzipan, frosting, buttercream, piping gel, royal icing, cake mixes, macarons, cookie dough or just any other edible product, although please note it's not suitable for chocolate.

-can be used in cocktails, other drinks and food with a higher water content

can also be used for airbrushing

- dissolve in rejuvenator fluid, vodka or other clear alcohol - check the instructions for your brand of airbrush to ensure that dissolved dusts can be used

PLEASE NOTE that it's perfectly normal for colours to appear different in the pot than when applied to icing - we advise testing a little swatch to check what the final shade will be.

ingredients: colours: T102

dietary advice: suitable for vegetarians &vegans

allergy advice: dairy / lactose free - nut free - gluten free

plastic pot with screw lid - approx 3.5cm diameter x 3cm high

shade accuracy - please remember colours shown are representative only and will look different on different PC monitors and tablet / phone screens

IMPORTANT - edible products are non-returnable - please ensure you are ordering the correct product and colour

WHITE - Intense water soluble dust icing colouring - Roxy & Rich

SKU: 0653341981998
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