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Hi! It's just me! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Marilyn Ludwig. I wanted to write my first blog and introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me. So here we go......

I live in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada. I am a mother of 4, I have 1 grandchild, and I love to quilt, crochet, cook, and of course decorate cakes, and cookies. I always had an interest in cake decorating, even as a kid growing up in the small town of Inglis, MB. I grew up beside a lady who use to decorate these beautiful cakes in royal icing. I remember my sisters and I would go over to her house and watch her decorate and wait to eat the left over sweet royal icing rosebuds with the silver dragee in the center she use to make. (I'm surprised I have any teeth left) Anyway, I think that might have been the beginning of my interest in cake decorating.

My home town of Inglis, Manitoba

I remember making my very first cake by myself when I was 14. Home baking was a normal thing in our household. We did not buy cakes from bakeries or grocery stores for birthdays. Everything was homemade.

I did not think at that time that I would make cakes for a living. I got married, had 4 children, and then opened up my first cake business. I had a store front in Grande Prairie, AB called the Cakery Cafe. It was great to have my own business, but let me fill you in on something. It was ALOT of hard work. Sleepless nights, working on cakes, and preparing for the next days orders was my life for the next 4 years. My little cafe sold more than just cakes. We sold breads, squares, (dainties for those of you from Manitoba), cookies, baked goods, and had a lunch menu. Phew! It was alot of work. (I know I said that already, but it was)

After nearly 4 years of this, I decided to down size my business, and have more of a life. ( and maybe some sleep ) So I opened up a commercial kitchen in Grande Prairie, and continued to make sweet cakes and cupcakes. We finally moved to our current location, and I built my dream commercial kitchen with a small classroom and a place to sell cake decorating products. During all this time, I had been taking alot of classes to learn and work on my cake skills. I received my masters in gumpaste flowers, fondant, and royal icing nearly 5 years ago from Chef Nicholas Lodge.

I will be taking a small step back from cakes and concentrating a little bit more on my website My Sweet Source. I teach classes here in Grande Prairie, when I have time, and really enjoy doing that. My reward is when I see a students face when they learn something new, and really enjoy it like I do.

So I have been at my new location for nearly 4 years and still enjoy what I do. I have a retail space here where I sell cake decorating supplies, so we are open to the public coming down to browse and shop. (what cake person doesn't love to shop for cake decorating supplies?)

So my life is changing and changing in a new direction, with lots of new and amazing opportunities ahead of me. I have been so fortunate. I have been able to travel and take classes, and learn, learn, learn. I am ever so grateful to have a supportive family behind me, helping me, and being there. I could not be where I am today without my family. I am grateful for my customers and my cake clients over the last 12 years. They too have been inspirational to me and I am grateful for them trusting me to make all of their cakes.

In the last 2 and a half years, my oldest daughter has married. She and my son in law Ryan have given me the biggest change in my life. I am head over heals gaga with my first grandchild. He is a month old and I truly adore and love him. I plan on spending ALOT of time with him and looking forward to more grandchildren! His name is Lawson.

My grandson Lawson

So now my days are filled with filling cake decorating supply orders, teaching, and of course spending time with my Lawson.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog. Now you know who I am and a little bit more about me.

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Keeping it Sweet,


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