We All Have To Start Somewhere!

I was very young when I took my first interest in cake decorating. I remember it like it was yesterday. (I was 14 at the time) I don't have a picture of the cake, only a memory of what it looked like. I remember being so proud of my accomplishment. I spread the icing on it as smooth as I could, and decorated it up with pretty yellow and green stars. It was a beautiful easter cake!

I was so excited about my first cake. I wanted to make more cakes!! If I could of taken an add out in the paper and advertised that I made this cake, I would of! I was so excited and happy with myself!

Of course everyone in my family complimented me on my cake. It felt so good to get compliments and kind words from my family. They liked how it tasted too, and it didn't last long in our house. (Not with 5 of us kids!)

It's a nice feeling to have something you made complimented on. Whether you are a cake decorator, a quilter, or what ever it is you do, when someone gives you a compliment on what you made, it sure is nice to hear! It also gives us a boost in our confidence.

Giving a compliment to one another is not a hard thing to do. It should be easy for us, but it seems sometimes in the cake world, it does not come easy. I see it all the time. The popular cake decorator will get compliments all the time, while the beginner cake decorator will not get many, or maybe none at all. We need to support and be kind to everyone, and it all starts with ourselves. Give a kind word or two to a newbie cake decorator next time you have a chance, they will never forget that and you may even feel good about it too, because remember we all had to start somewhere, at one point. We were all newbie cake decorators at one time.

Everyday new cake decorators are born. With all the cake TV shows, and the plethora of youtube videos out there, who wouldn't be enticed to try to decorate a cake. Who knows, they could be the next great cake decorator!

Some people might say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. That is true, but sometimes we need to be supportive of one another and a compliment may be what we all need to hear once in a while. To compliment someone doesn't cost a thing. It's free and takes very little effort.

One thing that does concern me is when people will put up other people's work and pick out all the flaws. You know what I mean, the comparison pictures, where they post a picture of the cake the couple wanted the cake decorator to make and beside it the photo of what the cake decorator gave them. Yes, sometimes things do not turn out. If the cake did not turn out, it should be between the client and the cake decorator, not all over social media. I stay away from that sort of thing and will not participate in it because at one time I too was a newbie. I feel that people or social pages that do this are cruel. It puts a negative vibe on everything, and who wants to be part of that. This is where the rule of "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" should come into play.

So let's try to stay away from the negative comments and focus on the good. There are so many negative things in the world today, and negative people. I tend to avoid these things, because I'd rather put my time and energy into something good. And it really does feel good to compliment someone, rather than criticize them. Remember, we all had to start somewhere...........


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