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Roxy & Rich Lustre Dust

This water-soluble powder gives a lustre finish to your creations and is 100% edible!*

Colour is achieved by adding a thin layer of food colouring to mica particles. This allows for an exceptional brilliance that outshines all other such products on the market.

Hybrid Lustre Dust can be used dry or with water, alcohol or lemon extract. The same colours are also available in the Hybrid Sparkle Dust Collection for a greater level of shine.


For dry application on chocolate or sugar work, brushed onto cakes using water or alcohol for a quick dry, mixed with sugar water for airbrushing or incorporated into oil-based products, mixed with decorating food gel to make it shiny or added to your sugar work mixes.


Lustre finish

Water soluble

Edible *

They are gluten free, lactose free, nut free, vegan and vegetarian.

Coral Edible Lustre Dust 2.5 grams - Roxy & Rich

SKU: 0653341915092
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