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THIS COLLECTION IS APPLIED BY DIRECTLY BRUSHING THE FOOD, LIKE FOR SUGAR FLOWERS. Roxy & Rich Hybrid Petal Dust is water soluble. It is designed for dry application using a brush. It can also be used to colour most other food products. It contains microcapsules of liquid colour that activate upon brushing.ADVANTAGES:• Dry application• Highly effective• Matte finish• Transforms into paint when mixed with water• Edible*1/4 ounceT-001 to T-060 : Meet Health Canada, FDA and European Commission food and drug safety standards.T-061 to T-090 : Meet Health Canada and FDA food and drug safety standards.T-091 to T-115 : Meet Health Canada food and drug safety standards.ADVANTAGESNUT FREE, LACTOSE FREE, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, & 100 % EDIBLE

Forest Green Edible Petal Dust 2.5 grams - Roxy & Rich

SKU: 0653341951991
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