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The Geometric Illusion Simpress has officially taken the art of cake decorating into uncharted territory with its ability to form fondant into a texture that delightfully shifts into different 3D shapes depending on how you look at it. In our quest to always amaze our customers, tremendous time and effort has been invested by Marvelous Molds in order to produce a shape shifting texture made possible by the calculated and exact placement of sculpted geometric elements.

The results of our efforts has produced a texture that appears in one moment to be a pleasing arrangement of three dimensional cubes stacked and protruding from the surface of the decorated cake. Suddenly and without any effort from the observer, the pattern of cubes will shift to become an entirely new arrangement of cubes organized in a completely different orientation. This entire optical illusion happens without the use of added coloration as a result of the clever design of textural elements conceived in the artist’s studio at Marvelous Molds.

Can you imagine how awesome it will be when you make cakes, cookies or cupcakes using this easy to use Simpress to the delight of your customers, family and friends? Get ready to be the recipient of shock and awe as your perceived prowess in cake decorating will increase ten fold in the minds of all who see your creations using the Geometric Illusion Simpress.

Geometric Illusion Simpress Panel - Marvelous Molds

SKU: 0813834023073
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