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The Green Woman is the female counterpart to the Green Man and and makes the perfect companion to our Green Man mould.

Incredibly beautiful the Green Woman mould has a Mother Nature feel. Her porcelain like face is surrounded by flowers and leaves which could be painted to represent different seasons.

This detailed mould is deep and perfect for ornamental home decor crafts. It can also be used for woodland, nature or natural world inspired cake decorating projects.

You could use this mould on a whole host of possible cake and craft projects!

The green woman silicone mould can be used with:

Sugar paste

Flower paste

Modelling paste




Boiled sugar

Cold porcelain

Salt dough

Air Drying Clay

Polymer Clay

Embossing Powder


Soap and resin

The Green Woman measures 100mm x 85mm x 27mm

Wash and dry the green woman mould well before use. For best results lightly dust with corn flour to ease release. Use a flat firm surface to push in a smooth ball of paste. Press paste evenly and firmly into mould without overfilling. Use a rolling pin and apply even pressure to ensure all areas are full and the base is flat. Scrape away any excess paste then push paste away from the edges so that paste embellishment has a clean release.

This mould can be used in an oven up to 200°c & is dishwasher safe.

Green Woman Silicone Mold by Katy Sue Designs

SKU: 5060696705592
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