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8.25x11.375" print area

***[New to My Sweet Source:

For qualifying customers* iPrint™ is provided as a free tool on the Icing Images website to help you print your images on their icing sheets. You may instead choose other printing software packages available on the market instead of using iPrint™.

*A qualifying customer is one who has purchased Icing Images icing sheets from My Sweet Source within the last two years. Please ask us for your promo code to use on the Icing Images iPrint™ Design page. You must have an active account and agree to the Disclaimer for use of Icing Images® Printing Features and Subscriptions on the Icing Images website in order to use this tool.]***

Icing Images introduces the next generation of icing sheets!

Thin enough to be manipulated with minimal cracking

Slight Vanilla Flavor

Never refrigerate or freeze icing sheet

24 sheets to a package.

A4 sheet size.

A4 - Icing Images - 24 Premium Icing Sheets

SKU: 4118
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