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Intricut Edibles - Origami 02 Stars Small


Pack of 6 sheets


Reusable up to 10 times if removed carefully (see Instructions)


Cut to fit cookie. Or cut into smaller segments or strips. Use next to smooth surface for contrast and extra interest.


Our 3D Parchment Texture Sheets give your icing depth and dimension. Use medium to stiff royal icing. Dry time varies depending on humidity and method. Unbleached, food grade, non-toxic. Dual coated with silicone for easy release. Biodegradable. Heat safe to 450F.


Size: 4" X 4"


Uses, Tips & How to Avoid Air Bubbles:


For cookies: Medium to thick 15-20 or even thicker consistency royal icing seems to work best.

This also shortens the dry time since there's less liquid to begin with. Letting the icing sit overnight can reduce bubbles. Try vibrating the icing in the bowl or twirling the filled icing bag to bring those pesky air bubbles to the surface before piping.

Sheets can also be used with chocolate or candy melts, isomalt, hard candy, caramel, macarons, marshmallows, meringue, ganache, or fudge. Great for buttercream on cookies, cakes, and cupcakes as well. Just freeze upside down on the parchment texture sheet until the buttercream is solid before removing. Use the acetate former and a fondant smoother for fondant, modeling chocolate, raw cookie dough, gingerbread, or pie crust.

The designs can be pressed into the surface (debossed or raised (embossed). Be sure to choose the side of the paper that will give you the look you're going for.

They can be reused if the royal icing is completely dry before removing. The only exception to this that we've found so far is using the texture sheets on extremely dark or deeply saturated colors. The color may bleed into the parchment. They can still be reused on the same deep color, but the color may transfer if you were to try and reuse the sheet on a light or white colored icing. Reuse for buttercream may be somewhat limited due to the grease in the frosting.


To Use: Start at one edge of the texture sheet and slowly work toward the opposite side. Push out any trapped air as you go. This is the same method as when you're applying adhesive shelf liner or Contact paper to a surface. You can see the trapped bubbles through the parchment texture sheet as you're working. Use a scribe or toothpick to remove the bubble and continue moving across the surface until you reach the other side.

Allow the royal icing to dry COMPLETELY, usually overnight. Dry time depends on the conditions where you live. A dehydrator or fan can speed up the process.

To remove, start at a corner and peek to see that no icing is sticking to the paper. If it is, gently press the paper back down and check later.

If you remove the sheets before completely dry, the cookies will still have texture but instead of a smooth surface, it will look more like concrete or stucco. Not all bad. Unfortunately, the sheet may not be reusable unless you want a rough finish on subsequent cookies.

If you discover a dreaded air pocket when you peel off the paper, there's still hope. Squeeze a little extra icing into the hole and smooth with your gloved finger. Good as new!

Thanks so much for including our products in your sweet creations! We LOVE it when you tag us!!! #intricutedibles

Origami 02 Stars Small - Intricut Edibles Textured Parchment

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