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*BB 02/2024*

Fractal - Calligra Food Decoration Felt Tip Pen - Leaf Green

Fractal felts are full-color felt-tip pens filled with quality food dye that make it easy to draw contour lines, paint images, color smaller figures, and pattern flower buds and petals.

The flexible, brushed tip allows for artistic-level line drawing, and thanks to the pointed tip, even the smallest details can be easily realized.

Can be used on any dry, hard and semi-hard surface.

Ingredients: water, colour (tartrazine E102*, brilliant blue FCF E133), preservative (sodium benzoate E211), acid (citric acid E330), flavouring.

Storage: protected from light.

Leaf Green - Calligra Food Decoration Felt Tip Pen - Fractal Colors *BB 02/2024*

C$6.50 Regular Price
C$4.00Sale Price
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