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Marsha's last career was that of a costume designer. She switched gears in her work life, but brings her favorite look to your cake instead! She creates effortless cascading pleats on your tier. Smooth icing PLUS a interesting pattern are yours when you select the Marsha Cake Comb.

Our Marsha Cake Comb was named after Marsha Winbeckler who entered this design into our Cake Comb Design Competition. No, she wasn't really a costume designer. That's our creative license at work.

TIP: We find using Cake Combs on cold icing works the best. Our owner Juli chills her iced tiers for at least 1 hour before using a Cake Comb. Apply very light pressure with the Comb, and make many passes until the desired pattern is achieved.

Made from 1/8" thick clear acrylic. 8" in height.

Marsha Cake Comb by CakeSafe

SKU: 4054
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