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Add beautiful butterfly decorations to cakes for all occasions using the Mini Veined Butterfly Cutter Set by PME.

Cut and vein gorgeous butterflies using this Mini Butterfly Plunger Cutter Set of 3 from PME.

The mini butterflies are the perfect size for adorning cupcakes and cookies or adding as smaller decorations to larger cakes.

These cutters from PME are ideal for use with a huge range of edible materials, such as sugarpaste, fondant, florist paste, gumpaste, marzipan and more. Use this set to create beautiful butterfly designs, excellent for wedding cakes.

Plunger cutters, sometimes called ejector cutters, are a great, straight-forward method of creating different designs from sugarpaste or other similar materials. They allow you to create more delicate creations, as you don't have to shake the cutter to remove the sugarpaste, simply press the button to release.


1) Take a small ball of paste and roll to a sharp point at one end. Fill the body with this piece of paste positioning the pointed end towards the beak.

2) Roll out another piece of the paste on a non stick surface, using cornflour or icing sugar for dusting.

3) Cut out the bird without pressing the plunger.

4) Now using the plunger, press down onto the bird on a flat surface to join the body to the wings and to mark the feather detail on the wings.

5) Press the plunger again to eject the bird and pinch the beak with fingers to sharpen.

6) Bend the body to curve the breast out and the head up. Fold the wings and tail upwards. Use a flower/leaf veiner to assist with this. Leave to dry on a piece of folded card.

7) Colour as required

Plunger cutters measures approximately:

Small: 13mm (0.5?)

Medium: 15mm (0.6?)

Large: 20mm (0.78?)

Mini Veined Butterfly Plunger Cutter Set of 3

SKU: 5060281189554
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