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The PME batter dispenser makes baking so much easier with the help of this no drip and no mess tool.

Made from high quality food grade plastic, as always from PME, this item has been designed to make dispensing much easier. Featuring a built-in valve which controls batter dispensing for uniform and perfect filling allowing you to produce batches of consistent cupcakes, cakes and other treats time and time again.


Insert the tip base into your decorating bag and push into the bottom. Cut the bag tip and attach the batter tip to the base. Fill the decorating bag, allowing for space at the top of the bag to close. Squeeze your decorating bag to dispense the batter, and release to stop batter flow.*For best results use with a disposable decorating bag.

This product can also be used with pancake batter and for any batter needing to be dispensed into any multi-cavity pan.


3cm (1.2") diameter4cm (1.6") height

Care instructions:

Wash before first use and after each use.Wash by hand in warm, soapy water; rinse and dry thoroughly before use.

1 x White Adapter with a screw thread

1 x Blue screw threaded Batter Dispenser

No Drip Mess Cupcake Cake Batter Dispenser Coupler

SKU: 5060281189523
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