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If you're struggling to achieve vibrant results in your buttercream baking, add Booster to help emulsify and get the most from your colours. Booster allows your colour to mix through the oils in your baking.

What is it?'Booster colour enhance' does exactly that. It is used to intensify your colour through emulsification. By adding booster, you will achieve a deep colour using less colouring.It's magic (almost).

Emulsifies (allows different types of ingredients to mix)

Helps disperse your colour and dye more evenly

Improves fluidity in chocolate (similar to cocoa butter)

Add gel colouring to chocolate by mixing with Booster (approx 3 parts booster to 1 part gel).


Shake well before use

Add approx 1 drop per 100g product.

Allergen Free


Halal Suitable

Kosher Suitable

Colour Booster 100ml - Colour Mill

SKU: 84492876
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