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Square Poly-Dowels - BULK CASE of 1000 cake dowels (There are 4 bags per case)

Dimensions for each dowel:

12” Length x 1/4” diameter



**Free shipping is automatically added to Bulk Cases. This item must be ordered separately from all other items in our store as it is shipped separately. All cases must be pre-ordered and may take up to approximately 2 weeks for shipping. Please contact us for more details. No returns will be accepted on cases**

Poly-Dowels is a reusable kitchenware tool

-Wash with hot water to remove all butter fat.

-Dishwasher safe.


Poly-Dowels cake supports are perfect for supporting large and heavy tiered cakes. Reinforcing interior ribs inside each Poly-Dowels give additional stability, but are easier to cut than wooden dowels. Poly-Dowels are perfect for every cake.


Suggested use for tiered cakes:

-For any stacked cake which is 10” wide and larger, or for a double barrel 8” and larger, use 5 large white Poly-Dowels

-For any stacked cake which is smaller than a regular 10”, use 5 Square Poly-Dowels


Suggested miter shear cutters:

Lee Valley or Milwaukee brands work well. Lee Valley are the best as they have shaped cutter attachments which fit Poly-Dowels perfectly

See “Sweet Tutorial” page for tutorial on the Square and also Large White Poly-Dowels.

Poly-Dowels ® BULK CASE Square - 1000 Per Case

SKU: 4363
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