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Poly-Dowels - SMALL - 12 pack of cake dowels


Poly-Dowels is a reusable kitchenware tool

-Wash with hot water to remove all butter fat.

-Dishwasher safe.

Poly-Dowels cake supports are perfect for supporting large and heavy tiered cakes. Reinforcing interior ribs inside each Poly-Dowels give additional stability, but are easier to cut than wooden dowels. Poly-Dowels are perfect for every cake.


Small Signature White Poly-Dowels are 1/4" diameter by 12" long.


*Small White Poly-Dowels® can be used for extra support and for cake tiers which are smaller than 9”*

Suggested miter shear cutters:

Lee Valley or Milwaukee brands work well. Lee Valley are the best as they have shaped cutter attachments which fit Poly-Dowels perfectly


See "Sweet Tutorial" page on our site for great info on these dowels.

Poly-Dowels ® Small White - 12 Pack

SKU: 1800
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