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Easy to use, FONDUST® is especially designed for colouring food with low water content. It can be used to colour fondant, sugar work (before or after baking), almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, french macarons, decorating gel, candy, etc. Practically everything . . . except pure chocolate.

The collection is made up of 50 colours. With FONDUST®, you can achieve very dark colours, like black, red, blue and brown, as well as very bright colours, such as orange, green, pink and violet.



• Matte finish

• Water soluble

• Highly concentrated colour

• Immediate colouring

• Does not change food consistency

• UV-resistant colours

• Edible 


 WHY FONDUST® IS THE ULTIMATE CHOICE FOR LONG-LASTING FOOD COLORATION With FONDUST®, colours keep their intensity much longer than other food colours. When regular food coloring is exposed to sunlight, it fades over time. This is because of the UV rays in the sunlight. Most gel and paste food colourings have acid in them with a pH level below 5. This acid can make some colours fade faster when exposed to UV rays. FONDUST® is different because it doesn't have any acid or preservatives in it. If you notice that FONDUST® colours are fading more quickly than you expect, you should check the ingredients of the food you're colouring for any acidic components.

FONDUST® IS EASY TO USE. SIMPLY KNEAD UP TO 3 g INTO 1 kg OF FONDANT TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM COLOUR INTENSITY. Food products containing titanium dioxide (white pigment) will probably require more FONDUST® to reach maximum colour intensity.

Sky Blue Fondust - Roxy & Rich

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