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The perfect double-headed, ergonomically engineered shaping tools for sculpting, shaping, texturing, and modeling.

Revolutionize the way you sculpt, shape, texture, and model flowers, figures, and embellishments with Innovative Sugarworks? Sugar Shapers?.

Created by decorators for decorators, each Shaper has been designed to enhance creativity, accuracy, and confidence when working with edible and non-edible ingredients including fondant, marzipan, sugar paste, and modeling chocolate.

With these six unique, double-headed shapers, creating beautifully detailed flower petals, curls, ruffles, and clean fondant seams for cakes, cupcakes, and treats has never been easier.

  • Red ? Tri-Tip Chisel
  • Orange ? Bone Chisel
  • Green ? Round Tip Chisel
  • Yellow ? Square Tip Chisel
  • Dark Blue - Lip Chisel
  • Light Blue - Pointed Chisel

    • 6 uniquely designed shapes for sculpting, shaping, blending, texturing, and modeling
    • Tapered, double-head design ? two tools in one
    • Ergonomically engineered for comfort, efficiency, and accuracy
    • Color coded for easy identification
    • Made from flexible, food-grade TPE that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
    • Durable, residential, and commercial dishwasher safe. Heat and cold resistant ? as low as -40?F up to 275?F degrees continuously
    • Made with FDA approved food-safe materials

Comfortable, durable and easy to use.

The seamless, ergonomically designed Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers? are engineered to maximize comfort and efficiency when performing highly repetitive and detailed decorating tasks.

Flexible, durable, and color-coded for easy identification, these professional-grade tools are an essential part of any professional, student, or hobbyist sugar-artist toolkit.

Sugar Shapers - Soft Tip

SKU: 0858569005000
C$58.49 Regular Price
C$40.00Sale Price
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