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World's Greatest Dad Mug Cookie Cutter - 3.5"

We use only the best PLA filaments that are 100% food safe and biodegradable. Our filament is stronger than standard PLA material. The cutter colour will vary for the time being due to limited access to the typical pastel green filament we use.

Each cutter has a wide grip on top for easy handling and dough cutting, and a sharp cutting edge to ensure nice clean edges for your cookies.


Please do not place our cutters in the dishwasher as these will warp. Hand wash gently under lukewarm water, and air dry. Do not soak your cookie cutters.


We stand by the quality and durability of all our cutters. Each and every single one of our cutters is stress-tested to ensure that they are sturdy and strong before they are packed and shipped.

World's Greatest Dad Mug Cookie Cutter - The Cookiery

SKU: 2917
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